K.C. Jones, J.D., is the founder of Esquire Inquiry. Mr. Jones has overseen the operation of Esquire Inquiry since its creation and continues to perform all types of investigations for a broad range of clients on a regular basis. Before creating Esquire Inquiry Mr. Jones worked in private security while in college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice with an emphasis in Security Administration, and dual minors in Business and English.  After working in law enforcement, Mr. Jones attended law school and began working as an investigator full time. 

While working as an insurance investigator for several companies and attending law school at night Mr. Jones obtained a private investigator’s license.  At Fireman’s Fund, Mr. Jones was quickly promoted from investigator to Hearing Representative and began making court appearances before graduation from Santa Clara University School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. 

Mr. Jones left Fireman’s Fund to found Esquire Inquiry and began providing expert investigative services and consulting to his former employer, other insurance companies and third party administrators, as well as public and private sector employers large and small.  The focus has not changed.  The committment has remained steadfast. The results are consistent. 

Mr. Jones's legal education,  work experience, and ability to recognize issues that others less qualified fail to see places him in a very distinct category of professional investigators and consultants.   

At Esquire Inquiry, Mr. Jones has surrounded himself with highly trained experienced professional investigators and consultants who have the same dedication to providing the best service possible to each and every client.    

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